Monday, May 12, 2008


What to blog about today?

- I am disgusted by the government in Burma/Myanmar. It is reprehensible that they are allowing their people to die in such a manner.

- Mother's Day was a little wild. I spent the weekend at Mom's. One kid had strep throat and the other two were determined to irritate the snot out of everyone.

- The Impala is running again, but the Lumina is not. This means, once again, that I am grounded until we can find money to fix the Lumina.

- I finally got to see my first published page in print. Mom & Dad were impressed, and wanted to know what my chances are of being published again. That much, I do not know.

- I got my first pair of Crocs. Okay, they're really Wal-Mart rip-offs, but I cannot believe how comfortable they are. Well - mostly. They're a little tight across the top of my feet, but they are so comfy on the soles of my feet, which have been rather sore of late and feel like I'm walking barefoot on gravel all of the time.

- Yesterday Braeden was exasperated with me over something, and he told me I was "causing him nuts." Irritated as I have been at him, I had to laugh at that.

- Jeff is hoping to get a job at Memorial Hospital soon. If it all works out, this will be a very good thing, indeed.

I suppose that's it. Not much to tell, really - at least nothing of great value. Good day!

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