Thursday, June 3, 2010


Lately it seems like my house is a revolving door for critters. Early this year Lucy appeared. Sometime in April, we got Fritz and Spazz. Somewhere in between there, a pitiful stray that we named Hans (but never got a picture of) hung out for a while... until Lucy died, that is. Then he went on his way. Today, my friend Lauren gave us her precious retriever mix, Oscar. Her little girl always called him "Soccer," though, and Soccer may be what sticks.

He's gorgeous... from the neck down, he looks every inch the part of a golden retriever. In the face, though, he looks like Buddy's negative. Except that he's the only dog I've ever seen with eyelashes.

I like Oscar/Soccer. A lot. Since I'm not going to tether him down, I hope he stays. He's a sweetie.

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