Monday, August 6, 2012

Been a while since I posted, huh? Since I couldn't begin to explain all that has happened in a condensed enough format for anyone to read, I will give you a list instead. Should you be so interested, I might even elaborate (in another post, on another day).

1. I graduated school, finally. Got an A, too. :)

2. I passed my nursing boards. I am officially a Registered Nurse (also known as Rescue Ninja)

3. I got a job working at Skyridge Medical Center as a Med-Surg nurse.

4. Jeff and I started working in Children's Ministry at church.

5. We decided it was time to move, so sometime in April I started packing. I needed to cut my drive time from the 45-50 minutes it was taking, and we really wanted to be closer to all the goings-on at church.

6. By the end of May, we'd decided to move to an apartment - all I had to do to convince Jeff was remind him that he would never have to mow the lawn. We found a 3-bedroom, 2 bath, third floor apartment that is much bigger than any other place we've lived.

7. Less than two weeks before the move, Jeff got laid off from his hospice job.

8. A week later, he was hired on to Amedisys hospice. He didn't actually get to start work for nearly four more weeks.

9.  This strapped us financially, but God provided, and I wound up being very thankful that Jeff was home to help me with the move. I'd never have made it without his muscles!

10. We moved. Love the new place. It is not almost completely unpacked, but at the moment I haven't got the money to decorate. It will come, though.

11. Somewhere in all that we sold Jeff's truck. He took the Kia (better gas mileage for his job), and I got a Ford Explorer Sport Track. I love trucks, always have - and now I finally get to drive a truck. *happy sigh*

12. I got pink zebra print curtains for my office. (I realize this is not earth-shattering, but I absolutely love them, and I am so thrilled to finally have a chance to have my own girly space.)

13. Today was the first day of homeschooling. Third grade was not pleasant for B, so we made the decision to try it ourselves. I have committed to a year, and the first half of the first day is now done. I do believe we will make it. :)

14. In a month or so, Jeff and I will begin leading a small group for our church. While I very much feel the weight of the responsibility that carries with it, I am also quite excited. It blows my mind when I think about how much Jeff & I have grown in the last year and a half.

15. I have a craft space again. It will also double as a small group breakout room for the ladies, a classroom, and an office - a true multi-purpose room, if there ever was one! My scrapbook supplies are stashed neatly into the walk-in closet, and I hope that soon the creative juices will be flowing like they once did.

That's all for now. There's more, I'm sure. Unfortunately, the dishes will not wash themselves, and an afternoon of math, cursive writing, and Greek vocabulary is facing me, so "more" will have to wait.

Adios, and God bless!

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Aimee said...

Sounds much like our life in so many ways... lots of transitions!

your small group venture sounds exciting and I know God is going to use you in BIG ways... (He already is!)

Miss you much friend, and maybe one day, I can find time to come down again for a creative scrapbooking weekend like so long ago! Love you!