Sunday, January 27, 2008


Whatcha think of my new header? Once it dawned on me that I could customize Blogger, it took a couple of months to actually figure out how. I've played with it a bit over the weekend, and if you are an exceptionally astute (and bored) person and checked my blog more than once, you may have noticed a few minor changes. I think I'm satisfied with it for now. I like the Valentine-y colors, and it will be fun to change it as the year wears on.

Speaking of change, I'm in the midst of a search-and-destroy mission. I am not nice - I have thrown away an incredible amount of stuff. I may not be in the mood to do this again for months or even years, so I am going to sign off now and head back to my dusty knickknacks and Glad trashbags.


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