Monday, September 8, 2008

Drive-by Update

If it's a big incoherent, I apologize. I am floating from all the medication I took to try to ward off another sinus infection.

- I lost a pound last week.

- I finally got to get a printer & scanner. They should both arrive next week!

- Braeden got his first Scholastic book order last week. Oh, the literary happiness!

- I have my first A&P test due by Sunday. I am a bit nervous, but ready for it to be over with.

- Jeff decided to get cable for football season. I suspect we'll disconnect it this winter, but for now, I am happy because I get to was Smallville again.

- Speaking of Smallville, Season 7 comes out on DVD tomorrow, so I'll have time to catch up on the episodes I missed before season 8 starts.

- I was going to wait for the Big Reveal until I had gussied it up, but since I am in such want of time right now, here is a link to my new foodie blog: Real Food, Real Folks. Check it out - I will updating again shortly. All recipes are tried-and-true. :)

That's all I have time for - ta-ta!

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Tara said...

Love your Big Brother LO!! I followed the link from Layle Koncar's blog over to the Color Combos blog which led me to yours!! Another blog to give me some inspiration! tfs