Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just a Little Post

Yippiee!!! I'm going to see Harry Potter this weekend. Money has been tight since the hospital cut back everyone's hours, so I figured I'd have to wait until it came out on DVD to see it. But then Domino's called and asked Jeff to pick up a few weekend shifts, so I'm going to get to go after all! Even better is that I get to hang out with my HP buddy. :)

Tonight is the gospel meeting again ... sigh. We didn't go last night. I can't honestly say I've been crazy about the speaker so far. He seems to prefer soapboxes, and I just don't get into that. I guess I'll drag Braeden tonight since Jeff is working.

This crazy comfortable July weather has me itching to be outside. Last night we went to the park, which I was surprised to find we had all to ourselves. I took the camera just for fun, and scrapped the pics. Jeff says I should've called the page "Midsummer Day's Dream," but I informed him that we were there at sundown, so Midsummer Night sufficed quite nicely. :)


AUsome mom said...

Great page!! I don't know what it is about this kid, but he reminds me of Brad Paisley. Have you ever heard that before? I LOVE Brad Paisley :)
Thanks for your prayers for me. I'm gonna need em!

Anonymous said...

Your pages look like layouts in a magazine. You rock.

Anonymous said...

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