Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today... 10/27/09

I've sat here five minutes at least, arms crossed, debating whether to gripe, update, or attempt to say something funny. Alas.... I'm not feeling especially comical this morning.

I'm tired. And grumpy. And I don't feel good, either. I have an incredible amount of stuff to do, and not enough time to get it all done.

Tonight I have clinical at a nursing home, and I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you that I am not especially thrilled at the prospect. Nothing against the elderly - but nursing homes weird me out just a little. I can remember as a little kid being flat-out afraid of them. Perhaps it is the poor care that seems to be standard in such places, but the overwhelming smell of stale urine and the awkwardness of attempting to converse with someone when I really can't understand a word that is spoken puts me in a serious state of uncomfortable. My great-aunt had MS, and while I always felt pity for her, I felt so uncomfortable - I knew she was trying to communicate but I didn't see her often enough to distinguish her words into something I could respond to. All that to say this - I'm nervous about tonight. We are just taking vital signs (probably including a rectal temp or two... ew), and maybe changing a tube feeding... but still.

It doesn't help that I am losing my hearing. I've known for years (since I was in first grade or so) that my ability to distinguish sounds was less than perfect, but until now, it hasn't interfered with daily living. Now I'm in the search for an amplified stethoscope because I simply cannot hear a pulse or respiration. I find myself having to say "What? Could you repeat that?" entirely too often. After the first of the year, I think it's time for an appointment with an ENT specialist... and maybe even a hearing aid. *sigh*

Last night I totally busted my tail picking up the house, but it finally got done. Well, except for the mopping and bathrooms. I only had time to do so much, but the laundry is caught up, rugs vacuumed, beds made, etc.

I also put together the cutest treat bags for Bebo's class. Should've taken a picture... didn't have time. But I think I will steal Mom's Sizzix die for the bags for Christmas. I have some brilliantly cute ideas for party favors. :)

Gotta go...

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Elle said...

Yet another thing you and I have in common (aside from the brilliant good looks, wildly creative side, and ability to work wonders in Time Crunch Mode): visiting an ENT due to hearing loss. I hear ya on that one (pun intended, lol).

Cheer up, my friend. *hugs*