Saturday, February 17, 2007

Decorating Blues

I have a sense of style. It's true; I didn't make that up. Unfortunately, I am somewhat limited on time and resources. But it doesn't hurt to dream a little, does it? For fun (and to see how much I change my mind later), here's what I'd like my rooms to be:

Braeden's Room
He likes trains and cars, so a transportation-themed room would be cool. Paint the walls charcoal gray. Add yellow stripes down the middle like a road. Decorate with road sign replicas. Make wall art with hubcaps. Sound like fun?

Khaki colored tile walls with aqua glass tiles randomly dropped in for color. Copper fixtures. Aqua towels. White pedestal sink. Shelving recessed into the walls. Dressing area with plenty of drawers for makeup and toiletries.

Master bedroom
Red, tan and black asian-themed room. Black four-poster bed. Red silk bedding. Linen-textured wallpaper painted tan and rubbed lightly with dark brown to pick up the texturing. Asian prints on the wall. White Asian-style screen.

Black granite countertops. Cherry cabinets. Island. Grape tile backsplash. Hardwood floor.

I can dream, can't I?

1 comment:

aimee said...

Road sign REPLICAS? HA!!! ;-)

btw...I need that no dumping for my bathroom at!