Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Pictures

This photography thing is going to drive me crazy! I am having trouble getting the lighting right. In spite of myself, I managed to get some rather comical pictures of Braeden. I really need a new subject - preferably one that isn't a study in perpetual motion! LOL I should add that the color and focus are better in real life - the blog doesn't quite do them justice.

This was taken by my house:

This was at a park just up the road:

This wasn't as good, but his expression was so
funny I had to post it anyway:

And my favorite:


Anonymous said...

You take REALLY AWESOME PHOTOS! I especially love the one of "Bobo" playing with a train -- it really captures the moment, tells a story (and you know how I am about story). WONDERFUL stuff!


linda may said...

Beautiful pics, I just read your blog a few days ahead about loving being a mum. I felt the same way when my kids (now grown) were little. I still love them to bits. Life will pick you up and carry you along a path that I hope is happy for you and your family. My kids are not as perfect as they used to be while they were little. Just remember if things go wrong along the way that "Mums don't have all the answers but they always try to do what they think is right at the time.I guess that sounds a bit sad but they will sometimes dissapoint you and leave you wondering what you did wrong for them to be that way. You cant go back for anything, just do your best