Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I gotta get up early 3 days in a row.

I happen to work with one of my only friends in this town, and she's going on a cruise this weekend. Lucky dog. Since it is vacation time, half the office is going to be out, too. This left me to fill in at the office. Naturally, I would not deprive my friend of her cruise, but I have grown fond of my solitude at home. It's so much more pleasant not to have to answer stupid questions face-to-face (I can stick out my tongue when I'm on the phone), and I love not having to wear makeup. Now I have to get up, dress up, and otherwise put on a fake smile for every character that walks in the door - and let me tell, I will see quite a few. Because my employer is not exactly high-paying, we get lots of riff-raff, and their lives are colorful to say the least.

I suppose it will be nice to see people - Jeff thinks I need more interaction than I get - though I've been away from the office for nearly a year now, and the vast majority of the people I knew are long gone. Ah, well. It's just Thursday, Friday and Monday. I suppose it could be worse. I just hope that the end of the month duties that she sees to don't wind up slamming me along with the regular job that I have to do.

Perhaps by this weekend I'll have an opportunity to take some pictures (and edit the ones I've already taken). Though I should be doing housework, scrapbooking and picture-taking definitely hits higher on my list of Fun Things to Do.

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