Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snow Days & Bicycles

Wouldn't ya know it? School was out yesterday. It was obvious - plastered all over the local news. Today, I searched all the same venues (we don't have a radio), finally concluded that school was in session, and sent a cold, unhappy husband off to take the boy-child to school.

Then I got this call from an even unhappier husband. Turns out school was cancelled after all. It wasn't on the news, the school website - anywhere. They tell me there's a number to call, but I couldn't find that, either. At any rate, the unhappy husband is (happily) sleeping, and the boy-child is "playing" Transformers on the XBox. For a kid who can't read, he's doing remarkably well. Truth be told, I think he just likes destroying things, rather than going to all the trouble of completing a mission.

Wouldn't ya know it (part 2)? The awesome Optimus Prime bike that I ordered for the aforementioned boy-child is arriving here. Today. How in the world I am going to keep it a secret from him, I do not know. Of all days for the county to decide to have a snow day!

And since I need to get back to the important stuff (work & study), I will leave you will another picture of my cute little self. Ta-ta!

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