Friday, February 29, 2008

Day Four

Well.... I might get to take a shower tonight. I'm crossing my fingers, anyway. Projects in this house always take longer than anyone expects. (Perhaps we should rethink tearing up the flooring in the kitchen next week.) Anyway, they're mostly just finishing off the trim right now. It should be finished soon, and if things go well, I'll be painting tomorrow.

The sink and toilet are working now, which is a happy thing. They shuffled some things around, and although you feel slightly cramped on the toilet, I have a bigger-but-shallower vanity, which gave me more counter space and more room to stand in there. This is, indeed, a happy thing.

Last night I picked up a new shower curtain, and now I have to debate whether to paint the room a light aqua or a soft tan suede color. I love the aqua, but am leaning toward suede - because eventually I'll have to replace the shower curtain, and I'm confident that by then the aqua that is now all the rage will be about as cool as the harvest gold of the 70s. I figure tan is versatile enough. . . right?

In other matters, I have a wedding to attend tonight. It's another one of "our kids" - from our youth ministry days. Seems so odd that they are all getting married now. This particular wedding should be interesting - Zack is one of those march-to-the-beat-of-his-own drum types. They chose today for a wedding because it's Leap Day. Gotta love 'em for it!

One more thing - I've started Weight Watchers. Again. If you can handle the monotony (or are just tired of counting sheep), check out my weight loss blog.

And on that note - good day!


Aimee Lou said...
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Aimee Lou said...

choose the suede... you wont regret's a nice warm color (good in a bathroom) and you can change out the decor every now and then if you get bored...

BTW... go to to buy the shoes. $35. and there are several more styles...

I think I am going for the yellow polka dots next... then the brown suede. who knows...=)

Anonymous said...

I too am on a weight loss journey (again). I'm just counting calories this time though. And exercising. Calories in = calories out - 500 calories + BMR. Sounds simple huh? lol