Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day Three

Almost done... I think.

They thought the bathroom would be finished yesterday, but ran into a bit of a plumbing problem. Surprise, surprise. Since the bathroom is tiny, they can't put in the other items until the tub is installed, and naturally, the tub is the source of the problem.

The good news is that I am getting a wider vanity, brighter light fixture, an OUTLET (yes, my bathroom was without an outlet - except for the one that was built into the previous light fixture that was falling off the wall, and you could only use it if the light was turned on, which meant that my curling iron would never heat b/c I'm in such a habit of turning the lights OFF), a new toilet, and new linoleum. Jeff & I will also be repainting it. I still like the purple sponged look, but it's outdated and I can't find towels to match anymore. Soon it will be a nice neutral shade of taupe, which will allow me all sorts of color options for towels. We'll probably install new towel racks while we're at it.

It's supposed to be finished today. All the smaller items are assembled and ready to install, pending correction of the plumbing problem.

I am seriously looking forward to a nice long shower!

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