Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Projects for the Week, or Tasks I Must Accomplish

1. Box up and mail appreciation cards for Operation Quiet Comfort.

2. Find out why Chatt State received and processed my financial aid paperwork, but not Jeff's (his was sent in the same day).

3. Exercise!

4. Finish the design work on my new foodie blog - lots of yummy recipes coming your way. Stay tuned!

5. Make an appointment for dog to be groomed. (Actually, shaved is a better word. Poor little guy gets awfully hot in the summer with his thick mane of black fur.)

6. Clear out closet in guest room, so I can

7. Move Christmas decorations from the pile in my office to the closet so I can

8. Clean office (up to running carpet cleaner) so I can walk through the room without tripping on something!

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