Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's the Weekend!

First - thank you for the prayers! Jeff's dad was able to return home. Jeff and his brother and sister went for a visit, and it's the first time just the five of them have been together in years and years. I miss him, but I'm glad they're getting that time together.

School has officially started again. I had a bit of a panic attack about my textbook for Microbiology, but that has been resolved and I got notification this morning that the book has shipped. Whew. A&P 2 looks to be a total bear, and I am going to have to wrap my mind around it quickly - every day that passes puts us closer to the move, and I am going to have to be more on my toes than ever to keep up with it all.

I'll leave you with a hybrid page (only my second - can you tell what's digital and what's not?). Have a lovely weekend!


KarenSue said...

whatta great page, so PRETTY!

Aimee said...

so glad to hear John is home... I am sure Jeff is enjoying the time visiting the fam...

I can hear you on the stressing out part with the move and classes going at the same time, but if anyone can navigate through it, it is most definitely you!

As far as your question on the page... my guess is that the title papercut snowflake, and quite possibly the "stamped" snowflakes on the graph paper are real? tell me if I am wrong.

AUsome mom said...

So glad your father in law is home and feeling better. Since you hadn't posted in a few days, I was quite worried about him. Anyway, Katie is a cutie pie!! Great LO!
I'm guessing the large white snowflake and the white lettering are the real deal. Is that right?