Friday, January 9, 2009

Pride and . . . Embarrassment?

We received a delightful Christmas card this year from Braeden's Wednesday night Bible class teacher. I had one of those Parent Moments - you know, the kind where you swell up with pride and delight that someone else thinks your child is as wonderful as you know them to be. Here's part of what she said:

"Braeden is a joy to teach. He wants to learn. He's one of the most well-behaved and police children I have had. Ruth & (the other teachers, I'm sure), feel the same way. You have taught him well."

Folks, this came from a lady who has taught Bible class for 50 years! Nothing she could have said would possibly have made me prouder of my little man.

Fast forward a few weeks....

We've had a good family sort of night. Oh, we didn't do anything special - just a trip to the grocery store, a snack at Taco Bell, and homemade brownies when we got home. Jeff was watching videos on You Tube, and unsurprisingly, Braeden wanted a piece of the action.

"Daddy!" he yelled, bouncing on the balls of his feet. "Can we watch pooting pictures?"

Yeah. You heard right. My son, the well-behaved little boy, wanted to watch videos of people farting.

Oh, what is my husband teaching this child??


AUsome mom said...

Too funny! Well, boys will be boys! I have 4 boys and 1 girl. The boys were the easiest to raise, but you never know what they will say!

mean mom productions said...

Rofl..too funny. My girlies think its hilirious when you fart. elementary kids..go figure.