Saturday, February 28, 2009

Little House on the Hill

Okay, so it wasn't exactly the last layout for the CCG blog. I promised Janet I would stay on until the new team was selected. Here's one I did for last week of our new little house - have I mentioned that I love it??? :) It's really just perfect for us. It is a little smaller than our old house, but it's laid out so much better that it seems bigger to me. There are plenty of closets for storage, and nice hardwood floors, and lots of natural light... it just makes me happy. :)


Tiff Sawyer said...

Hey Amanda, for some reason it has never occured to me to take a peek at all the DT's blog's from CCG. Where have I been all this time? Should have done it long ago, am getting heaps of inspirational ideas. Be back to visit again soon, Tiff :o)

AUsome mom said...

Oh, very nice LO. I love your new house and how it makes you happy. I like how your journaling borders the bottom of your page. Very nice.

Elle said...

I'd be jealous except I'm just so tickled for you. :o)