Monday, June 25, 2007

Baaaaad Monday

I am not having a good day. (I am also a master of understatement.)

I woke up 15 minutes early from a ridiculous bad dream about an HIV-positive vampire who broke into my house and said he'd bite me or my son. If I didn't choose, he'd kill us both. I couldn't go back to sleep.

After 15 minutes of futilely trying to go back to sleep, I finally stumbled out of bed and into the kitchen, where I began to gather up the trash. On the way out the back door, I managed to piss off a wasp. It proceeded to sting me on the temple a quarter an inch from the edge of my eye. Holy crap, that hurt!

I'm supposed to be preparing a major training presentation for Thursday, and I can't seem to get going on it - I've had one stupid interruption after another. I'm going to wind up waiting until this evening when nobody can call and bother me.

Jeff was supposed to get paid today, but because of tax confusion - he's working in Alabama and Tennessee - they didn't do his check. The accountant is trying to figure out how to tax his income. It may be tomorrow before he gets paid - and we need it now!

Oh, I need a nap!

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