Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bible Class

I've been teaching a girls' class this summer, using the book "For Young Women Only." While it's been enjoyable so far, this morning's topic is going to be difficult at best, impossible at worst. I almost skipped this chapter, but then decided I'd better not.

The topic is modesty - but it goes deeper than that. The point of the book is how guys react to girls and the things they do. I already know I'm going to offend several girls this morning - probably the ones wearing necklines so low I can see their underwear. In fact, if I don't have a few parents breathing down my neck afterwards, I'll be more than a little surprised.

I know that in my day I have worn things I shouldn't, but the reality is that fashion has changed significantly in the last ten years. I simply didn't have the same choices when I was in high school. Even today, as a Big Girl, I find shopping for clothes to be a complete exercise in futility. You'd think it wouldn't be so hard to find a shirt without a plunging neckline, or a pair of shorts that didn't threaten to reveal your underwear to the world. All I can say is thank God for capris. I have approximately 5 shirts in my closet. I own one pair of jeans and one pair of capris. That's it. That's all I can find to wear that doesn't make me feel any more self-conscious than I already am.

Back to the topic at hand...

How am I supposed to convinced these girls to tone it down and cover it up when their parents are letting them out of the house looking like that? How do I get through to them that the boys around them are having a hard time worshipping in church because of the girls' attire? (I know it's tough on the guys - I've been watching their reactions for months now.) I just have a distinct feeling I am going to be the target of some serious post-class grumbling.

Oh, well. It needs to be said, and I guess somebody's gotta do it.

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