Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cars, Taxes, and Gatlinburg

Sometimes I have to remind myself the world is not out to get me. I'm feeling a little frustrated at the moment - we have two cars that can't be driven out of town (again), and no money to fix them.

What about your tax refund, you say? Well, that's another sticky point right now. Braeden's babysitter won't give us her tax info from last year so we can file. It's three weeks past the deadline, and she refuses to return our calls. We are eligible for the rebate, and I am going to be highly peeved if we miss it because we couldn't file by the dealine because she wouldn't give us two simple numbers - her tax id and the amount we paid. Yes, I could figure it myself - but it has to be the same number she reports to the IRS, and I don't dare mess with that. I really do not know what it so difficult - she only had seven kids - all she has to do is sit down and calculate numbers for five months' worth of babysitting. Sheesh. It couldn't take more than 30 minutes.

On a lighter note - it's time for my yearly trip with Mom. We started going to CKC two years ago, but since there isn't one offered close to us this year, we decided to take a trip anyway. We'll be going to Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge, and we'll spend a little time shopping in Knoxville, too. I'm looking forward to the break (we both are) - the chance to chill and do a little scrapbook shopping sounds divine. I feel so blessed to say that my mother is also my friend!

It's time to sign off - I have a bit of work to wrap up before Mom gets here. Hope your weekend is lovelier than the weatherman is predicting!

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