Saturday, March 22, 2008

Girls' Day Out

Had a girls' day today. Oh, yeah. Elle, my cool new-ish friend, and I hauled ourselves down to Chattanooga to do girlie stuff that just doesn't excite our poor hubbies.

We ate at Olive Garden (okay, that might get the guys worked up), caressed yarn and paper at Hobby Lobby (not so much a guy thing), and saw 27 Dresses (definitely not the guys' cup o' tea).

Fun. Mucho fun. I really wish we could hang out more often - we always have a great time (at least I do), and goodness knows I need some girlie time every now and then. I'm rather outnumbered at home - even my dog is male!

Then I get home to find that Jeff is off work for the day - too many drivers, not enough business. So I get to have a date night, too.

Hmm... off work yesterday, girls' outing & date today, Easter tomorrow.

Yup. Been a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Of course I have fun too! :oP So when's our next outing?