Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I really can draw!

Sort of.

For years, I was a doodler. About the only thing I can really draw is cartoon characters, and Mickey Mouse is not one of them! LOL It takes me forever, but given enough time I can usually produce a believable Simba or Pink Panther or Bugs Bunny.

Aimee, my college roommate, is much better than I am. She can actually make a drawing from a photograph - something I could never hope to do. One time we were both sick with the flu (or some such highly contagious illness) and were stuck in our dorm room for about three days. We were about to go insane, so we started drawing cartoon characters. I wish I could remember how many drawings we cranked out that weekend.

I really am going somewhere with all of this. My freshman year, I wanted to decorate my dorm room door. So I sat down with a piece of posterboard, colored pencils, and my Lion King watch and drew Simba. I liked it so much I had Mom laminate it for me, and 13 years later, it's still in my possession. Recently, I showed it to Jeff, and he did not believe I drew it! I was highly insulted.

So, just for kicks, here it is - proof that I can draw, at least a little. I think Aimee will vouch for me that I really am the artist. :)

Oh - and I can't tell you how funny it is that in editing the photo, I just now noticed that I only put whiskers on one side of his face!!!

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