Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wall-E & Bebo

The movie isn't out yet... but we've been talking about it for months now. Back when the teaser preview was just that - a teaser - Bebo has been begging Jeff to watch it on the computer. He just loves Wall-E. Jeff & I can't wait to take him to see the movie. It will be as much a treat for us as it is for Braeden.

On Monday Bebo had to go for his school physical exam. Jeff promised him a "treat" if he'd behave, and after suffering through a Hep A vaccine and excessive poking and prodding, they went to Toys R Us. The first words out of Braeden's mouth when they got home were "Wook, Mommy! I got a Wall-E!"

And so he did. Just barely 3 inches tall, Wall-E has become quite a celebrity in our house. Last night Braeden, in his utterly sweet manner, decided Wall-E needed to take a nap. I'm hearing a lot of "Mommy, come wook!" lately, and this time I arrived to see this 3-inch tall toy carefully laid out on a Mommy-sized pillow, with a Thomas blanked pulled just up to his head. Being the good mommy that I am, I grabbed the camera. :)

Braeden helped me pose Wall-E - in fact, he demanded that I take "wots and wots of pictures of Wall-E." And that is exactly what we did. I used the opportunity to practice some perspective shots. Braeden was happy, Mommy was happy, and I think Wall-E was probably happy, too.

After the photo shoot, Braeden made another "bed" for Wall-E on Jeff's guitar case. Then he said prayers for Wall-E. And hugged Wall-E. And told Wall-E good night.

I love my boy!

Here's some of our little photo session - scrapbook page soon to follow, I'm sure. :)


GothamGal said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing the story and those pictures. I definitely want to see a layout.
Though I'm still not sure if I want to see the film, these are definitely cute enough to get me a little closer to wanting to see the movie. I LOVE pixar films, so it should be good.
What a touching story, thanks for sharing on the Pea forum!

Creative Junkie said...

awesome photos. And the eyes on Wall-E ... they're so sad and cute at the same time!

Aly D said...

what a sweet boy!! i love your photos, too.

snapshotswithapunch said...

Neat story and pictures. I can't wait to see the movie.