Monday, June 30, 2008

Wall-E (review, no spoilers)

We took Braeden to see Wall-E Saturday - and it did not disappoint! Only Pixar can produce a flick that is simultaneously adorable, thought-provoking, and sends a message - all without being overbearing and in-your-face.

The first 45 minutes or so have no dialogue -just two little robots squawking back and forth at each other. It's remarkable to me that such life and personality can be given to an otherwise inanimate object. Wall-E is the most endearing robot since R2D2 (incidentally, he bears a remarkable resemblance to Johnny No. 5).

When humans finally appear, it's an interesting commentary on what our technology might eventually do to us. Man has become so fat and sedentary that he can't even remember how to walk! I can't seem to stop thinking about it - the picture Pixar painted of our future health just doesn't seem so far from the truth.

Anyway, the movie is precious. Braeden chattered questions nonstop - "Is Wall-E hurt?" "What's dat robot?" "Where are they going?" - and with a theater half full of preschoolers, he was certainly not the only one. It held his attention beautifully, and I would venture a guess that kids as young as 3 would sit through it, no problem - even without dialogue at the beginning.

I loved, Jeff loved it, Bebo loved it. I'll leave you with a glowing review, and a couple of pics of our day out.

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cherie said...

sounds great! thanks for the review!!