Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Handsome Boy

When you're six, and your mean mommy is making you help with the housework, it's easy to find distractions. This is especially true when you are instructed to clean your room - lots of treasures can be found under the bed.

It's so tempting to play with the previously forgotten toys, but you know Mommy won't like that. What you can get away with, however, is playing with the wearable items. So by the time you are finishing cleaning, it's perfectly acceptable to be wearing a too-small ball cap, Transformers sunglasses, black gloves, and a Thomas watch.

And naturally, you want feedback on your fashion sense, so if you say to her, "Mommy, don't I look handsome?", of course she won't laugh.

Or will she?

1 comment:

AUsome mom said...

Ooooo....a heartbreaker for sure!! I think he's very handsome!