Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle

By now, you've probably heard of Susan Boyle, the woman who blew away everyone at Britain's Got Talent tryouts. If you haven't, look her up on YouTube.

Someone sent this link to another song she recorded several years ago - I am blown away by this woman. So sad that the outward appearance has kept her talent hidden all this time!


Aimee said...

no doubt about it... I LOVE her voice! She is something amazing, and I really hope she wins that competition, but even if she doesn't, I have heard that she has a contract in the works anyway with Simon Cowell's label in case she doesn't win.

Anonymous said...

I totally can't wait for her to cut an album -- I am sooooooooooo buying it!

AUsome mom said...

Hey girl! Haven't seen you around in a while. Hope everything is well with you. :)