Monday, December 4, 2006

100 Things

I'm cheating. I know, I know - take me out behind the barn and just shoot me now, because I am about to unashamedly plagarize an idea from a friend's blog. Hog-tie me, tar-and-feather me, do whatever makes you feel better. Done? Good. Drum roll, please..... it's time for 100 things about me!

  1. I have a black thumb. The only plants I don't kill are cactus.
  2. Speaking of cactus, I haven't been very far west. I once flew to Arizona, and that's as far as I've gotten.
  3. But I have been in all states east of the muddy Mississip - except Florida and Maine.
  4. I am officially a scrapaholic.
  5. I love Big Band and Swing music, and if I ever lose enough weight, I want to take swing dancing lessons.
  6. My hair is naturally this undefined color somewhere between dishwater blond and mousy brown. I've looked, but I've never found a coloring bottle to match it.
  7. I have eyes the color of a Special Dark Hershey bar.
  8. At the age of ten, my appendix burst and it was more than a week before anyone realized it.
  9. I like symmetry and clean lines - the simple yet classy look.
  10. Almost everything in my closet is some shade of red of pink. Everything in my drawer (T-shirts, to be exact) is gray.
  11. I am terrible about remembering birthdays and anniversaries. If my own birthday wasn't on a holiday, I'd forget it, too.
  12. When I fly, I take along logic puzzles so I can pretend I'm really smart.
  13. I have serious problems with self-control. Or is it willpower? Hmm... motivation sounds nicer.
  14. It's weird, I know - but I like the smell of Pilot Precise ink.
  15. I won two writing contests when I was in school - the only two I entered.
  16. After extended hours of labor, I can draw some cartoon characters, but otherwise I am no artist.
  17. Someday when I strike it rich (haha!) I will buy a small fountain machine for my kitchen. It will dispense Mountain Dew, Diet Coke, and Dr Pepper (for dear hubby).
  18. I actually despise Dr. Pepper. As far as I am concerned, it is nothing more than carbonated cough syrup. I refuse to allow hubby to kiss me after he's been drinking Dr Pepper. Awful stuff!
  19. My allergies work me into sinus infections at least four times a year.
  20. I once was a guest player in the United States Air Force Band.
  21. My family's history is fascinating to me. I've been doing preliminary work for some time and I hope to get "down and dirty" within a year or so.
  22. I love browsing through office supply catalogs.
  23. The all-time best job I ever had? Working at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I learned to make 10-lb batches of decadent fudge with a 5-foot spatula on a marble slab. Talk about fun!
  24. I still am not sure what I want to be when I grow up.
  25. Three words: Krispy Kreme donuts.
  26. On that magical day when I strike it rich, I want a 1977 Bandit Trans Am - just like the one in Smokey and the Bandit.
  27. I am terribly shy. One-on-one encounters I can navigate, but I become petrified wood in a crowd of unfamiliar people.
  28. One of my most intense desires is to adopt. I will take as many children as the Lord will allow. To start, I'd like one from China, Ethiopia, and Central America.
  29. I really love working in Excel. I can write simple macros and even use pivot tables.
  30. As a child, my recurring nightmares were always about fire.
  31. My son makes life worth living - and he doesn't even realize it.
  32. I hate my feet. They measure a 7 1/2 D. No shoe manufacturer makes that size, so I have to settle for a 9.
  33. Every single year, my mother buys me a cat calendar for Christmas.
  34. I am a Smallville junkie. Thursday night is my favorite night of the week.
  35. I work at home.
  36. My house is not very well-insulated. That was dishonest - let me re-phrase. My house is not insulated. It is a nippy 61 degree in my office right now. Praise the Lord for space heaters!
  37. I like to see myself as witty. Whether that's true or not is another story....
  38. I am in the midst of a major battle with my weight. I lost almost 80 pounds on Weight Watchers, then life happened. Again. I found myself falling into the familiar ruts of overindulging, and I am finding it nearly impossible to pull myself back out. I do not want to be a yo-yo dieter, but it appears that is precisely what is happening.
  39. The last time I was job-hunting, I did a typing proficiency test that clocked me at 136 wpm. The office staff was shocked.
  40. Despite pushing 30, I still love Kool-Aid. I always keep sugar-free Tropical Punch, Strawberry, and Pink Lemonade in my pantry.
  41. Though I haven't been in some time, I actually enjoy shooting. I've handled everything from a .22 to a .45. My favorite caliber to shoot is a .40 - makes me feel tough.
  42. My high school years saw me as the quintessential band geek. I lived and breathed music, winning 21 Solo and Ensemble medals and soloing with the Columbus (Indiana) City Band.
  43. I wore a denim-and-lace saloon girl dress to my senior prom.
  44. I am severely hypothyroid. My doctor said it was only 5% functional.
  45. Home is not easily defined. I've lived all over Arkansas, in Indiana, and most recently in Tennessee. I suppose if I had to choose, Indiana would be the site of my elusive home.
  46. Turner Classic Movies is my friend. I love to spend a rainy Saturday curled up with hot tea and cookies and wonderful black-and-white movie.
  47. At 5'7, I am the runt of my family. Dad is 6'5, Mom is 5'10, sis is 5'8.
  48. DS is not yet four, but he's nearly four feet tall.
  49. Buddy is my dog. He believes it to be his calling in life to bark. Incessantly.
  50. I am rather proficient at sticking my foot in my mouth.

To be continued. . .


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