Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here I Go

Charging into the week...

Yesterday I picked up Pride and Prejudice, which I will start as soon as I finish Eldest. Braeden received the aforementioned Wall-E toy, and I began the preliminary work in the first of my online classes, Nutrition.

Today was relatively quiet, given the week just past. I went to church, ate dinner with Jeff, slept for a peaceful nap, created a scrapbook page for the Color Combo challenge, went to church, and now I'm here, blogging. Soon I'll read a few books to Braeden, and I'll close the night by reading the first chapter of the Nutrition textbook. (Okay, I realized that sounds like a lot, but it isn't, really. Today truly was low-stress.)

My heel spurs are giving me fits, though. I want so badly to do some of my old Firm workouts, but simply can't take the beating at the moment. I've got to figure out a way to do strength training without a video and without being on my feet.

Anyhoo, tomorrow starts Anatomy & Physiology - the class that concerns me the most. Not because it will be tough (it will), but because it will easily require the most work. I am going to have to be so careful to manage my time.

On a side note: it is highly amusing to me, the way inanimate object in my home do things all by themselves. For instance, Braeden just told me he needed clean underwear. Apparently his got dirty all by themselves. ((insert wry grin here))

I am off to find something suitable for supper. Good night!

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