Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's August

And that means we'll start seeing Halloween decorations on the shelves soon, which means that Thanksgiving stuff will be out next, which means that in a month or so the Christmas decorations will come out in full force!

(Don't laugh, but I'm listening to the Glen Miller Orchestra: In the Christmas Mood, and I'm feeling rather festive this morning.) :)

It's August, and that also means that Braeden has almost finished his first week of school, which means that next week it's my turn to start, which means that our lives are totally turning upside-down.

It's August, and that means that the stifling heat will gradually become more bearable, and that means that before we know it the leaves will start changing, and it will be time for a fall camping trip.

It's August, and that means Jeff has a birthday, which means that I can tease him about being 31, which means that he'll tease me for turning 31 before he did.

It's August, and that means that another year is more than half over, which means it will be Dec 31 before I know it, and that means I'll blink once and have to start remembering to write 2009 on my checks instead of 2008.

It's August, and I am nowhere near meeting any of my New Year's resolutions, which means that I'm feeling a little irritated with myself, which might mean that I make August resolutions instead.

And with that - it's August, and I have to go back to work.

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