Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Most Important Thing

Tomorrow's the big day, and instead of being excited about it, I spent my afternoon at a funeral and the rest of the day being extremely irritated with my boy-child. My personal theory is that antibiotics make him act out - and he's been pushing limits all day long.

After church, we sat down to a light supper. As we talked about school, I reminded him of the most important thing that he do in school - that he obey his teacher and be kind to his classmates. He agreed rather vehemently, and then came around the table to my chair.

"Mommy, do you know what the most important thing is?"

"What, baby?"

"The most important thing is that I love you."

This old girl, cranky and tired though she is, just welled up with tears at the innocent sweetness of this precious little boy. Ah - but he wasn't finished yet!

"Are you going to miss me, Mommy?"

I nodded, unable to speak.

"Don't worry, Mommy. I'll always be your friend."

Dear God, thank you for blessing me with this most precious of gifts, and help me to always remember, even when he's a handful!


Aimee Lou said...

Oh Manders... He is such a sweetie pie!! I can imagine how hard tomorrow is going to be, him going off to school and all... but he will be fine, and will come home with lots of stories about friends he made and his nice teacher and I am sure snacktime! LOL!

(((HUGS))) for tomorrow!

Anonymous said...