Monday, October 27, 2008

Crunch Time

No, not sit-ups (though I should be doing those, too). Nah, I'm on a head-long race into the last six weeks of school. By some sick twist of fate, all three of my classes have generously arranged a test due on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Since I do not want to spend my entire break with my nose stuck in the books, I'm going to have to pace myself to get the material done before the weekend.

I am also fast approaching the burnout stage. I had a big A&P test this weekend, and at least 25% of the material were questions we hadn't covered. Hate it when that happens. I spent my entire weekend studying the wrong stuff. Now I have to hunker down on Nutrition, and this is going to be a really hectic week, what with Halloween and all.

But I should say this - I am actually quite excited. Wednesday is Braeden's school trip to the Pumpkin Patch, and Friday I get to help out with the Halloween party at school, and then there's trick-or-treating, and then we have a party to go to. Busy, but fun. Mostly I'm excited about getting to see Braeden enjoy himself. He's going to have a ball.

I will leave you with a quick spread I did about Bebo's report card. He's doing just fine - we really only need to work on his handwriting skills. If he's anything like his daddy, his teachers may just have to settle for sloppy!

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