Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Musings on a Fall Morning

Have you felt the blessedness that is the cool, crisp fall air? Oh, it makes me happy and tingly all over! I love wearing fluffy sweatshirts and the way the house smells when you first crank up the heater and my nose turning red from the wind and the promise of the holidays...

Yeah, I know, I say it every year - but I love fall!!!

But... I'm drowning in a sea of bones and muscles - way more information than my brain is willing to compute at the moment. Stress levels are high. Thank goodness I always feel invigorated at this time of year, because I certainly need the extra energy.

Tomorrow I have my teeth cleaned (an experience I never anticipate with much excitement), there's a quiz on Friday, and Saturday will have to be spent studying, studying, studying. And cooking - I am really loving the weekend-cooking bit. It saves time and energy, because I only have to heat up the oven one time. I like that!

Jeff has applied for a job at Park Ridge as a nurse tech. Say a prayer that he gets something besides icky pizza delivery soon. We need the money!

Braeden is a pill, as usual. He's doing great in school. Currently he's in a phase where he's constantly asking, "What does ____ start with?" And he likes to spell, too - except his idea of spelling is to string random letters together - such as pxybmorlagekla - and insist that it spells train.

I am thinking we may need to take him to a speech therapist soon, though. No matter what I do, I can't convince him that "L" is not pronounced with the same sound as "W." It's almost as if he can't hear the difference. I'd hoped he would outgrow it when school started, but so far, no luck.

I am deep in Christmas preparations, too - trying to come up with ideas for spectacular-but-handmade gifts that I can 1) easily afford, and 2) people will actually like. Tricky.

And speaking of tricks, Bebo got an Optimus Prime out for trick-or-treating, and he is so proud of it. I do believe Thomas the Tank Engine is on his way out. The first thing we look at when we hit the toy aisle is now the Transformers section. He still passes by the trains, but only briefly. Kinda sad, actually. I will miss Thomas.

And now that I've bored you to tears with my rambling, I really must go. Enjoy your fall afternoon!

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