Saturday, October 11, 2008

Facebook, Cooking, and Grades

I finally gave in... thanks to a pesky friend who kept poking me with Facebook stuff. I'd signed up ages ago, but the social networking thing just escapes me. Heck, I don't even like to carry a cell phone. (Jeff says that's because I'm antisocial. I prefer to think of it as Socially Reserved.) I'm still trying to figure out how to use the thing, but if you're on it and search for my name (Amanda Gates McCain), you can probably find me. Be my friend!

In other news, I've got a big day ahead of me. I have to work on my Nutrition test, and then (speaking of nutrition) I need to spend a few hours in the kitchen cooking up meals for the week. If you want some new dinnertime inspiration, check out my recipe blog. I'll be adding recipes for Aromatic Couscous & Veggies, Curried Coconut Chicken, Peanutty Noodles & Chicken, and Ranch Chicken & Rice.

And finally - I thought I'd give you an update for my online classes. I just totally aced my A&P lab midterm. My average in the class is somewhere around a 95. Psych is mostly a joke, because it's 100% open book open notes open computer. Heck, he even gives us links to sites to help us with the test! LOL And Nutrition... it's a little tougher, and a lot more frustrating, mostly because the course doesn't feel organized to me. At any rate, I'm still doing well, but I will admit that I will be happy with a B when the course is over. I think.

I told Jeff last night that I have never worked this hard for a class. Ever. Stuff has always come so easily to me. It's not that I am having trouble understanding, but there is So Much Stuff. For instance, I thought a skull was a skull. Nope. There are 22 bones in the skull, plus sutures and a zillion markings to remember. Eeek!

The good news is that I am really enjoying it, no matter how much work it is. I have long wanted to put my brain to good use again, and exercise the old neurons. And besides, I'm the quintessential dork - I just like school. I like to learn. It's fun, okay?

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