Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Break

Ah, fall.

Sort of.

I'm not sure 80+ degrees counts as fall weather, but the leaves are starting to turn (if only slightly), and the air has lost the sickening humidity. The calendar tells me it's fall, so despite what my thermometer says, I suppose it's truly fall.

Braeden is on fall break for the entire week, and Jeff & I technically have fall break today & tomorrow. I say "technically" because our teachers didn't get the memo. We still have tests, big assignments, and midterms to deal with. At any rate, I decided to at least pretend to take a break, so I've done a bit of scrapbooking. JES's fall festival was last week, so I did a page for Bebo's kindergarten book, plus I did one for the color blog (lemme tell ya, that one was agony - but I can't post here until Janet posts to her blog). Oh, and I did a hybrid card/gift bag for a baby shower present, too.

At this point, I need to abandon scrapping and move on to something more productive... like actually reading the material for the Psych test I have on Wednesday.

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Aly D said...

Fabulous layout! I love the swirly arrow, and those colors are so unique and fresh for it!!