Friday, March 13, 2009

The Cat Won

Yes, the cat won. Jeff insisted that the cat would be an outdoor pet. I'd been begging for a cat for months, and was repeatedly denied. Then this skinny little furball gets stuck under the house, and everything goes downhill (at least for my staunchly-opposed-to-cats husband).

We moved into the new house, and after a series of traumatic events that involved multiple trips to the vet's office, Sizzle finally moved to the house with us - but Jeff still wouldn't let him inside.

Then it got cold. Really cold.

And that's when Braeden started laying it on thick.

"Daddy, it's too cold outside for Sizzle. He might freeze!" "Daddy, is the kitty dead?" "Daddy, can Sizzle sleep with me tonight?"

Naturally, Jeff could not withstand the wiles of his five-year-old, so he relented and rigged up a temporary litterbox. After all, the temperatures were dropping well below zero. Of course, he maintained his stance, saying "the cat is going to be an outside cat with indoor privileges."

So the cat spent a few nights inside. No accidents, no destroyed furniture. A few nights turned into a few days, and yesterday Jeff formally announced his defeat.

Sizzle is now an inside cat with occasional outdoor privileges. :)


Aimee said...

hee hee! I love it. the pic is quite great.(love the cabinets btw...)

I can remember a few times tht I laid things on pretty thick to get my way on bringing in the cat.

AUsome mom said...

Well, for some reason I can't see the pic, but kudos to Sizzle. You know most cats DO get their way.
(I'm at work, so that's probably why I can't see the pic, but I'll check it out later).