Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making Progress (Part 2)

I am trying to catch up on Braeden's kindergarten book. I've missed the little guy this week. It's his spring break, so we had planned for him to spend the night at Grannie & Peepop's, but then I got sick. Thankfully, they were able to keep him from Sunday until Wednesday - keeping him away from my germs and giving me a chance to recover. He came home last night and first thing gave me this huge bear hug. :)

Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky - for some reason, he came home with a box of Lucky Charms (don't ask). Anyway, I decided I wanted some for a snack, but couldn't figure out what he did with them. "Oh, I'll show you, Mommy!" he said, and proudly took me to the pantry. The little turkey - without asking - had put the box exactly where it belonged!

I love this kid! :)


Aimee said...

Very nice...I love it when they take the initiative to put things away on their own...Iain has just started doing this with his shoes under his bed! On the way to independence!!!
Love the page too!

AUsome mom said...

Braeden is such a smart little guy! I'm sure he was trying to help you out too since you've been sick. Sweet little boy. I love your scrapbook pages! I wish I could do the digi thing, but I don't have a clue. You do such beautiful work. I have PSE, but no clue how to use it! Hope you're feeling much better today.