Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm not a product-pusher, I swear. But when you find something you love, it's only fair that you tell others, right? Right.... :)

Anyway - during one of my Weight Watchers stints, I heard about DaVinci syrups. Someone mentioned that they used them in coffee. Wal-Mart actually carries a few flavors (hazelnut, kahlua, vanilla, caramel, and sometimes Irish cream), so I tried it - and fell in love. Hazelnut was my standby, until I decided to try a new flavor...or two or three or four or five.

The DaVinci website has tons and tons of flavors - in sugar-free, original, and all-natural varieties. The bottles are large (750 mL) and will last quite a while (at least they will if you don't use them a thousand times a day like we do!). The berry flavors are delicious in tea. Several of the others are wonderful in coffee - but don't stop there. They can mixed with alcoholic drinks (gasp - did I say that?!), desserts, etc. In fact, there are quite a few recipes on the website.

So I decided to place an order. Right now I'm drinking blackberry tea - absolutely divine! The glass bottles are nice and heavy, and I think when they're empty I'll use them to make "custom" flavored oils.

Shipping is a flat rate per box, but I would suggest you order in box quantities of 6 - you can mix flavors. I placed the order and received it in less than a week - the bottles are very well-packaged and I am quite pleased with both the price and the service.

Okay, enough of the infomercial. Since I am a goober and couldn't decide which pic I liked better, I just decided to post both. See ya!


AUsome mom said...

Ooooo....that Butter Rum looks yummy! We do all of our shopping at Walmart, so I will definitely try them!

Aimee said...

Yummy... I am so feeling that English Toffee right now!

I have the french vanilla at home somewhere..(ho-hum I know, but it is good...)

Anonymous said...

I like the first/top pic best. And thanks for the tip. :o)