Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feeling Better

... and maybe not so invisible.

Thanks to those of you who commented yesterday - I guess the insanity of the last few months is getting to me. I'm too isolated and sometimes the loneliness is overwhelming.

Maybe, just maybe, my mailbox will soon harbor an acceptance letter for the nursing program. The social contact will do me good.

And in other news...

Jeff had an interview at Memorial yesterday. He really felt good about it, and is so excited at the prospect of working in ICU or Cardiac. (I'm really excited about the extra income!) He's expecting to hear back from them soon.

Braeden's birthday is Friday - wah!!! I scored a great deal on a Leapster 2 last night - Wal-Mart had them marked down $10 plus I had a $10 coupon - and I think it will be better for Bebo than his current video game obsession. I'm still threatening to kill Jeff for getting him started in the first place!

Anyhoo, I'm going to make cupcakes for his class. He's been inviting everyone to his birthday (he leaves out the word party, making me laugh everytime). But we just couldn't afford a party this year, so I'm taking the party to school. Saturday we're going to take him to ride the Incline Railway, and if it's warm enough, we might go down to Coolidge Park and splash in the water a bit.

Of course, somewhere amidst all that, I have to study for two tests and complete two massive study guides. :)

And life just goes on....

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