Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Have a Boo-Boo

I picked a fight with a chair and lost. Now my left leg from knee to ankle is blue, and my left side, while not as visibly bruised, hurts just as much. I hardly ever get visible bruises, so if there's something you can actually see, you know it was bad. :(

In case you're wondering how I managed this, it's actually quite simple. Jeff brought me these really cool (and large) bamboo windchimes from Florida. Since it was supposed to storm Saturday, I decided to take them down. Dummy me tried to stand on a wet patio chair in my Crocs to get the chimes down. 'Nuff said.

Braeden's birthday went pretty well - we had one miniature crisis, but avoided complete meltdown. I'll tell more and post pictures as soon as I can, but first I have a microbiology test to deal with. Lots and lots of meds I have to memorize. Ick.



AUsome mom said...

Well, Grace, I hope you feel better soon :)
Glad the birthday went well. Looking forward to pics! Good luck on the test!

Aimee said...

First off, Good Luck on the exam...Hope you do well!

And secondly, I completely hear you on the wet crocs... WATER - CROCS.... NOT GOOD...
I was the lucky one who happened to fall flat on my booty in front of my class one day slipping on water. Rather embarrassing, but not painful like yours... Hope you are feeling better! Remember, no matter how miserable it is, ice really is your best friend!