Thursday, March 12, 2009

The House

Obviously, we aren't finished yet. There is nothing on the walls, save a calendar in my office. Boxes are still laying around, waiting to be unpacked. Even so, it's quite livable and has reached the not-finished-but-comfortably-livable stage. Since I was getting fussed at for not posting pictures, here are a few.

You've seen the front yard; here is the back. All of the furniture belongs to the owner, so we'll have to get our own stuff eventually. Doesn't it look delightfully pleasant?

My wonderful kitchen. Please ignore the mess - I was in the middle of cooking supper when I took a break to take pictures.

Braeden's room - and I'm not going to apologize for the mess. :) The fact that you can even see the floor is impressive.

The next three are all of my office - by far, the room needing the most work. I had a bit of a furniture crisis - it didn't quite fit like I'd expected it to, so I had to completely rethink my storage options for my scrapbook stuff.

Braeden's bathroom - isn't that a cute shower curtain? I love that there are two functional bathrooms! LOL

The living room looking into the dining area:

The dining room looking into the living area:

I'll post pictures of our bedroom and bathroom later - they were in use at the time. :)


AUsome mom said...

Girl! This house is too beautiful! I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN! The back yard looks perfect for you guys! I love your pink office too! I know you wish it were all done, but give it time. You're not going anywhere. Enjoy!

Elle said...

It's GORGEOUS! I covet your kitchen.

Aimee said...

WOW! I love it! I know you have got to be excited beyond measure! It is so awesome that you have so much LIGHT! I wish my house had a little. Can't wait to come visit! =)