Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Week of the First Grade (Recap)

We survived the first week of school, and I didn't cry once. Yup, first grade is definitely easier than kindergarten.

Braeden had one slightly unhappy incident, but other than that, he seemed to enjoy himself. On Friday he brought home a folder with all his work for the week - writing the days of the week, months of the year, colors, and, of course, the alphabet; several color-by-number worksheets, and a categorizing worksheet. I have a feeling the teacher spent the week feeling out the kids to see what they could do.

Naturally, the best part of school is recess, and he is quite proud to be playing on first & second grade playground - it's a promotion from the kindergarten playground, which was a pretty cool setup in and of itself. He gets to play with all the first grade, so he sees his kindergarten buddies - none of which are in his class.

When I asked him what the best part of first grade is, he said "I like to play outside in my new playground." Asked what he learned, he replied, " ...." (No answer.... blank stare.)

In other news -

Mom and Dad told the kids about the adoption, and that they would be changing their last names. Katie wanted to change her name to "Princess." :)

Jeff & I went on Wednesday to pick up our syllabus for the fall, and he gave me the "grand tour" of campus. Took all of five minutes to do that. LOL The Allied Health department is getting a new building, but it's not quite finished yet. Should be interesting to see if we start the semester in it or if we have to move midstream.

I'm getting excited... one week from Monday I start school. Granted, the first few days are going to be boring - orientation, paperwork, etc. But I'm looking forward to it anyway, and I freely admit that I am more than a little bit nervous. I keep wondering if I'm too old for this, if I'm going to handle this new way of thinking that Jeff keeps telling me about, and if I'll make some new friends in the process or just run everyone off.

Nerve-wracking stuff, that. But I am up for the challenge, and like my enthusiastic little first-grader, I plan on charging right into the fray.

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AUsome mom said...

Sounds like things are going well. There's something about starting something new that just gives you a good feeling. You have all of these hopes and feelings that just makes it an exciting time. I'm sure you and Bebo will do very well and I look forward to hearing all about it.