Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Computin' Machine

I am typing this from my brand-new PC. The emachine had been subjected to 10-12 hours a day for more than four years, and was showing signs of virtual Alzheimer's. It was a great computer - I'd recommend an emachine to anyone.

However, the new computer is an Acer. Emachine just didn't make one powerful enough for the massive amount of photo/digital scrapbooking files I use. It runs on Vista, which makes me nervous - but so far, so good.

I guess this is the fourth new computer I've had. They've come a long way since the one I bought my senior year of high school that ran on Windows 3.1 and had ClarisWorks for the word processing program. That one lasted 5 years, then we "upgraded" to a Gateway. I will never, never, never buy another Gateway. Ever.

After that came the beloved emachine - an excellent computer for $450. We aren't retiring it - I'm just going to buy a wireless adapter so we can move it to the living room and Jeff can use it to download music and surf lyrics sites - both of which have a tendency to create virus issues.

This means we now have four computers in our household - two PCs and two laptops! Granted, one of the laptops belongs to Chatt State, but still... it's a lot of technology. It amuses me to no end when I think that 25 years ago, when I was Braeden's age, a Commodore was cool stuff! (Remember those? LOL) Using a computer was a novelty, to say the least. Fast forward 25 years, and I have a preschool-aged kid who can successfully navigate the internet!

My, how things change! What would our great-grandparents have thought of our progress, I wonder? Would they find it intriguing, or just think we were wasting our time?

I suppose we'll never know. I, for one, am quite fond of my computer and would not be willing to give it up.


Anonymous said...

Remember when my computer crashed a while back and completely puked out all my files? Photos, vids, my novel? That was an eMachine. Good computers, but known to have what is called "Sudden Death Syndrome". Buyer Beware, just my 2cents....

Amanda Mac said...

Which is why I've been frantically trying to move files from the emachine to the Acer! :)

esther_a said...

I bought a laptop for our trip last year - it ran Vista. And you know what the BEST thing about Vista was...? When I put my photos onto the computer, I could rename them so quickly by tabbing from one file name to the next. Often I'd have the date and location in the clipboard, so renaming all the pics was just a case of *paste, *add a little extra to the filename, *tab to the next file, etc etc. So quick!
Esther (aka blue-eyed_pea)