Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Day out with Thomas

I don't know what happened to the pictures. . . hopefully this will work now.

Braeden took his third Day out with Thomas last week. This year, Gabe & Katie were able to go with us, and Jeff also tagged along for the ride. The weather had us a bit worried, but the rain held off in spite of rather menacing clouds. Actually, the overcast skies made for fabulous color in the photos. I had to do very little editing to them.

There was a petting zoo which was much better than last year's. We got such a kick out of the baby goats nursing - their tails were little spinning they were so excited. Gabe wanted to play on the mini golf course that had been set up, and Braeden was content to play in the tent with all the track set up while Katie colored.

I'll post more pictures on my photo blog later. These are the ones that show more of what the kids did Friday.

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Chris Dodaj said...

I'm excited to hear about your big news!! And, because of your post about the cards for soldiers, I just shipped 40 of them out to the soldiers. I stayed up till like 3:00am getting them done one night. very theraputic to give back even a little.