Friday, April 4, 2008

Celebrating Five Years

I have discovered something. It is far more fun (and memorable) to celebrate a child's birthday by being a family and having a big play day than it is to gorge on cake and gifts that are quickly discarded for bigger and better toys.

Last year, we took Braeden to IMAX & the children's museum. This year, the weather was not so cooperative, so we went to Pump It Up and Chuck E Cheese. If you have never been to a Pump It Up, you need to go. I'm telling you, it is the most entertaining exercise you can possibly get! Most of them are open on the weekdays to the public (parties on weekends), and for $6 a kid, you can let them run off all their excess energy.

It is a tad difficult to take pictures, since you have to use a flash, but bear with me - perhaps you'll see just how much fun this place is!

This is one of the "games" at Pump It Up

Can you believe it? I'm actually in a picture instead of hiding behind the camera!

Somehow, Jeff wasn't concerned that a 50-lb missile was hurtling over his body. :)

Braeden was leaping off the slide - this was the moment of impact, about 10 feet from the top!

The true highlight of Chuck E Cheese is the model train setup.

Jeff gave Braeden pointers on the best way to squirt a misbehaving clown.

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Aly D said...

oh yeah, we LOVE pump it up!! perfect place for kids to get out all their energy and be active, not vegging. fun!