Wednesday, January 3, 2007

It Begins...

D-Day... Diet Day, that is. I have managed to survive eating grapes, oatmeal, whole wheat spaghetti and organic spaghetti sauce. Last night I anticipated the sweet tooth and made pumpkin pudding pops (actually quite good). The real test will come this evening, while socializing after church with friends. Can I resist the buttery sourdough grilled cheese sandwich crust that I know DS will leave behind?

Core (a Weight Watchers plan) actually isn't that bad. It's going to feel good to detox my system and eat healthier, less-processed foods. Snacking is the hardest thing - when you can't eat processed foods, it's difficult to find something to appropriately soothe sweet or salty cravings. (Though I admit I've found an affinity for roasted chickpeas.) Since I like to pretend I'm Rachael Ray, it's not a big deal for me to surf the net for endless hours searching for new recipes. Besides, I got lots of new kitchen tools for Christmas that are begging to be test driven.

One big advantage to Core is that it challenges me to think outside my usual culinary parameters. I'm a meat-and-potatoes, cream-soup-casserole kind of gal. Cream soups are off-limits, rendering my cookbook full of cream of chicken soup casseroles slightly obsolete. From my previous stint with Core, I learned that I actually like foods I'd never have tried before. Granted, I am somewhat limited by my small-town grocery selections (whole-wheat Israeli couscous, anyone?), but I've been able to try and enjoy more exotic foods than I'd have ever considered.

But no food for now. It's naptime!

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