Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Sixth Sense

A sense of accomplishment, that is. It's only Tuesday, but so far this week I've scrapbooked 2 layouts, created a dozen cards, cooked meals for at least 3 days, put up the tree and its ornaments, and cleaned the front half of my living room. I still have to put away the rest of the decorations and clean the other half of the living room (if you have seen my house, you would understand why it gets cleaned in two segments). But I've got a lot done, and it feels good.

I've really got the scrappin' bug bad. I'm hoping to be able to take some pics tomorrow, if the weather stays cloudy. It's time to run another roll of film. I will look like a total goof, but I'd like to take some pictures around town. I don't know how much longer I'll be here, and even though this isn't exactly my favorite place in the world, there are still memories tied to it that I can't (won't) just sweep under the rug. Actually, I have lots of projects. I need to take a picture of myself for a resolutions page. (That's a scary thought - there's a reason why I'm always behind the camera instead of in front of it.) I've got an album to make for a friend who finally decided to have a baby. And I've got a couple of pages left to finish out this year's pages for my Christmas album.

Moving on to other topics...

I have done well well with the weight loss this week. I've tried a few new recipes, and made a few old ones. I've managed not to splurge on junk food (though donuts and tacos have been calling my name). And I've done a much better job of getting down my water.

If I wasn't motivated to lose weight before, I am now. China has just said they will no longer allow obese parents to adopt. Now that is a motivating factor.

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