Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Picture Woes

I can't express how annoying it is to sit on a roll of film for two weeks, expecting to have spectacular picture, only for them to turn out blah or just plain bad. I'd taken pictures of my jonquils (which bloomed January 13), planning to scrap my fave flower. But the color was horrific. For some reason, I can't take a decent picture of flowers - my color winds up looking like an ugly neon sign.

I did get a few decent shots, though. They may not be worthy of sharing, but here's a couple anyway:

Bebo playing with his trains on the footboard of my bed:

Random cute shot (altered in Photoshop):

1 comment:

aimee said...

OMG... You are way to hard on your photography talents.. you make me sick.. I LOVE the train pic!!! That is such an awesome picture...

That is a DEFINITE scrapbook pic if I have ever seen one.

I like the other pic too.. very peaceful picture. Good job Manders!