Sunday, March 25, 2007

Here we go again...

The "5 Things to Do" post has to wait.

It was 85 degrees today. My air conditioner is broke. Again. It happens every single year, and it never gets easier. Because of the way this house sits, absolutely no air can circulate through it. It sucks.

On the bright side...

Tomorrow I am doing engagement pictures for a couple of my "kids." They were in the youth group when Jeff & I first came here 8 years ago. I told them I needed somebody to practice on, and asked if they'd mind if I used them as guinea pigs. I am really excited about it - I'm just hoping for a breezy and overcast day tomorrow. We'll be outdoors probably all afternoon, and an overcast sky makes for better pics. Even so, after seeing the pics from the beach, I'm not too worried about it. We should have fun - it will be nice to take pictures of someone actually willing to pose and hold still!

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