Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Making a Break

I have officially split into two blogs. The pictures were overwhelming this one, so I will only post pics here as relevant to the topic and save the other blog for photographical experimentation. I don't have any posts on the other one yet, but check it in a day or two and I should have something.

Moving on to other things...

It's entirely possible that I will lose my mind before summer sets in. Yes, I know the topic of weather is so mundane, but I can't help it. Two nights ago, we had to run the heater. Last night I woke up under a sheet and light blanket (and no heater), soaked from head to toe in sweat. My hair was wet, the sheets were wet, my T-shirt was wet. Yuck. So much for showering before bed. I hate that! It just keeps reminding me that summer is drawing near.


I do not enjoy the summer. As I frequently tell people, I would be perfectly content to move to Alaska and never be forced to endure temps higher than 80 degrees again.

At the moment, the skies above Tennessee are enjoying their usual early spring games. One day it's 50 and cloudless, the next it's 80 and raining. No wonder I can't shake my allergy problems.

Enough grumbling. I've been in quite a funk lately. Don't know why, but I need to chill out a little.

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