Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hybrid (aka, Bi-Scraptual)

It's only natural that in our digital age, art would also take on a digital slant. This has certainly been true of scrapbooking, but somewhat like an older generation who resisted leaving their rotary phones, some scrapbookers actually seem to feel threatened by digital scrapbooking. I've heard all kinds of arguments - ranging from "digital elements will be the end of our beloved paper products!" to "It's just not scrapbooking if you can't touch it."

I straddle the fence on this "issue" - because I love both forms. I like to say I am a bi-scraptual. :) Now that I have a really fabulous printer, I can actually combine the two forms and get the best of both worlds. Until today, I hadn't made the jump because I kept over-thinking the process.

I wanted to do paper. I have missed that side of it tremendously, and besides all that, I seriously need to thin out my stash. BUT - as usual, nothing I had actually matched the colors for the week. So I mapped out the design, adjusted papers in PSE to (mostly) match, printed out what I needed, and stuck on the letters, photo turns, and brads. Voila! Except for a slight title crisis, it all came together nicely. And I have to say, I'm patting myself on the back for the clever title. LOL

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